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Per Diem Archive: H. G. Murtha May 2013, Birds

Look To The Sky 

May, is one of our better months to look to the sky, and you will be surprised at what you may see, besides possibly Superman or an airplane; "it's a bird." The avian. In these selections, I want to share with you, the audience, my love and my passion for nature through poems which are among the best bird haiku ever written. These haiku bring out the obvious, and not so obvious; even a poem that does not include the name of a bird. So open up your field guides and enjoy the ride.

Author: Penny Harter
mallards leaving in the water rippled sky
Author: an'ya
after its first flight
the young gerfalcon's talons
tighter on my glove
Author: Billie Wilson
the first flakes of snow
drifting down on the wetlands
Canada geese
Author: John Wills
dusk from rock to rock a waterthrush
Author: Tom Painting
false dawn
a ruffed grouse drums
the woods awake
Author: Carolyn Hall
a wild turkey
fans its tail
summer's end
Author: paul m. (Paul Miller)
spring rain
the measured step
of a sandhill crane
Author: J. Zimmerman
Tan-oak forest
a winter wren's warning call
near the broken sign
Author: William J. Higginson
song sparrow
didn't know I'd missed you
all these years
Author: Garry Gay
Red-winged blackbird
defending his territory
with a song
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
under the eaves
a barn owl’s shadow
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
before we knew its name the indigo bunting
Author: Ferris Gilli
power outage--
a whippoorwill calls
from the tree shadows
Author: Susan Constable
winter chill
a sharp-shinned hawk
silences the dawn
Author: Alan Summers
a hooded crow
pecks just outside
the penalty area
Author: Carol Anne Purington
Purple finches flit tree to tree
not dropping a note
Author: Robert Major
Above the shopfront
centered amidst the turmoil--
nesting barn swallow
Author: Raffael de Gruttola
in slow motion...
the great blue heron
stalks a frog
Author: Marian Olson
Author: Marlene Mountain
a 3rd blanket unpacked and spread out a carolina wren's quick note
Author: Pamela A. Babusci
winter loneliness...
not even snow bunting tracks
in my garden
Author: Roberta Beary
on the church steps
a mourning dove
with mother's eyes
Author: Maya Lyubenova
at the fisherman's dog
... a herring gull
Author: Paul W. MacNeil
paddle at rest
beads of water slide
from the loon’s bill
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
snowwhite valley
curving dark with the creek
water ouzel
Author: John Barlow
riffles . . .
a belted kingfisher
splinters the light
Author: Scott Mason
the passenger pigeon returns
on a cancelled stamp
Author: Linda Jeannette Ward
golden swamp warbler
downy willow seeds flurry
around his flight
Author: George Swede
Author: Jane Reichhold
rivers to the sea
bending with the songs
of meadow larks
Author: Deborah P Kolodji
salt breeze
over the pickleweed
marbled godwits
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