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Per Diem Archive: C. Rohrig June 2012, Haiku

Sound Bytes The Haiku Habit

30 poems from around the world that speak of the pressure of deadlines, haiku moments vanishing before your eyes, writer’s block, editing other people’s work, the frustrations of finding the right word or phrase, distractions, resistance, the dreaded blank piece of paper, bad haiku, spurts of inspiration, writing on anything at hand to capture a moment, all these and other experiences that make up the haiku writing process common to each one of us.

Author: Carolyn Hall
autumn dusk—
a word that will do
for the one I can't find
Author: Randy Brooks
diaper change
the haiku I had in mind
wiped clean
Author: John Stevenson
deadline approaches
my nose
drips faster
Author: Christopher Herold
writer's block
the first kernel of popcorn
turns inside out
Author: Billie Wilson
haiku editor
glimpses of the world
in each day's mail
Author: George Swede
all day writing poems...
the sound of paper settling
in the bin
Author: Michele Root-Bernstein
fingers poised
above the keyboard -
spring rain
Author: Paul David Mena
at a sheet of paper
a night without words
Author: Chen-ou Liu
Pacific shore...
my poem is folded
into a boat
Author: Naomi Beth Wakan
no paper
I write a haiku
on a shell
Author: Alice Frampton
writer's block
another New Year's
Author: 'Haiku Elvis' (Carlos Colón)
haiku written
                      on the fly...
draws a few
Author: 'Haiku Elvis' (Carlos Colón)
all the poems
I've written
melting snow
Author: Ferris Gilli
haiku in the wind
I search for the right words
as a hawk dives and lifts
Author: Robert Epstein
the haiku moment
Author: Robert Epstein
the way
that ladybug wanders
into my poem
Author: Aubrie Cox Warner
sugar moon 
so many poems 
in need of love
Author: Cherie Hunter Day
looking up
rules of punctuation—
the green hills
Author: Cherie Hunter Day
haiku on the back
of a torn envelope—
your last letter
Author: Chen-ou Liu
bats swirling
across the prairie -
ink stained desk
Author: Don Wentworth
forcing a poem,        
its petals all over
the ground
Author: Peggy Heinrich
first sun in days
let the haiku
write itself
Author: Elizabeth Howard
haiku by candlelight
the slow gurgle of rain
in the gutter
Author: Elizabeth Howard
my favorite jeans
scraps of haiku
in the old pockets
Author: Kristen Deming
Japanese bullet train --
too fast
for a haiku moment
Author: Kristen Deming
twittering sparrows --
children counting syllables
with both hands
Author: Bruce H. Feingold
haiku void...
a monarch poised over
lemon blossoms
Author: Quendryth Young
wet ginko
sound images
Author: Marilyn Appl Walker
quarter moon
I edit a haiku
down to size
Author: Susan Antolin
hot summer day--
over cold cherries, my son asks
is this haiku?
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