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Per Diem Archive: M. D. Welch May 2012, Pacific Northwest

Haiku exploring nature themes and voices of the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon).

Author: Christopher Herold
we lower a kayak
into the sound
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
riveredge old growth:
a towering window
of stars
Author: Nika
summer's end
again the river
red with salmon
Author: Marian Olson
fog inside and out Seattle ferry
Author: Margaret D. McGee
sudden sun
snow peaks brighten
for the long drive home
Author: Susan Constable
the first chip
in our windshield
northern star
Author: Michael Feinstein
fogged in—
sea mist fills
the foxglove bells
Author: John Garrett
misty spring light—
every bare branch glows
moss green
Author: Harriot West
releasing him...
the bull trout's back
scarred by talons
Author: Carmen Sterba
space needle
the news helicopter’s
sun flash
Author: Billie Dee
windfall apple
                         I relish
the wormless side
Author: Patricia M. Benedict
Juneau icefield
cocky tourist looking for
skate rentals
Author: Richard Tice
slate gray glacial water
the guide
talks of blueberries
Author: Tanya McDonald
salmon run—
the bridge clogged
with people
Author: Pavel Soukenik
Mount St. Helens
how humble and delicate
the footpath lily
Author: Kerry S. Campbell
moss hangs down
         dripping with rain
my mother’s voice
Author: Naomi Beth Wakan
patchy fog in the bay
when it lifts, will the islands
still be there?
Author: Nika
Village island
a row of totems
buried in moss
Author: Michael Feinstein
minus tide
my hairline
Author: Angela Terry
a pod of orcas
how blue the sky
they touch with light
Author: Harriot West
one deep breath
for a moment the pine
is part of me
Author: Billie Wilson
that whale I could have touched
surfaces again
in my mind
Author: Munira Judith Avinger
Rainier behind clouds
I take a picture
where it might be
Author: Angelika Kolompar
of the first float plane
dividing the rain
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
ponderosas comb a low tone
from the wind
Author: Carmen Sterba
end of summer
the soft touchdown
of a seaplane
Author: Billie Dee
wind in the cedars . . .
sometimes I shudder
with happiness
Author: Tanya McDonald
top of the Space Needle
how it feels
to spot a whale
Author: Billie Wilson
the trail narrows—
every shadow
a possible bear
Author: Jill B. Andrews
a leaf underfoot
gathers rainwater enough
to show open sky
Author: Richard Tice
morning fog . . .
climbing the shell
of an old lighthouse
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