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Per Diem Archive: S. Simpson April 2012, New Zealand

Poems from Aotearoa -- Haiku with the specific flavour of New Zealand, with flora and fauna specific to those favored isles, and human activities, such as Anzac Day (April 25).

Author: Judith Walsh
Anzac Day
we remember
to remember
Author: Margaret Beverland
beneath kiwifruit vines
the white half-moon
Author: Barbara Strang
the crack
in my biscuit
Author: Karen Peterson Butterworth
women sit behind the men
guessing who farted
Author: Nola Borrell
a tui mimics
a tui
Author: Elaine King
behind the sheep truck
the smell
of grass and hills
Author: Catherine Mair
outgoing tide
my mother’s togs
a year looser
Author: Elaine Riddell
off-street parking
cabbage tree fragrance
fills the spaces
Author: Jeanette Stace
fish and chips night
first home
the smell
Author: Nola Borrell
climbing in Cook’s steps
past a ruined pa
Author: Tony Beyer
beach innings
three driftwood stumps
and a dog at mid on
Author: Tim Bravenboer
tenting on the lawn
the kids inside
at possum time
Author: Ernest J. Berry
virgin forest birdsong thickens the trees
Author: Ernest J. Berry
storm warning
the cry of a shearwater
circles the sky
Author: Tim Bravenboer
smokefree building
the roof
in a cloud
Author: Catherine Mair
anzac morning
from each umbrella rib
a raindrop
Author: Elizabeth Crayford
in the gutter
of the old abattoir
Author: Joanna Preston
my breasts weightless
in your hands
Author: John O’Connor
night shelter—
two bums
discuss Pavlova
Author: John O’Connor
on a twig
                     without breaking it
Author: Veronica Haughey
Christmas morning—
finding a weta
in my sock
Author: Cyril Childs
mountain track
finding a rock
that fits my arse
Author: Cyril Childs
backyard cricket
Dad and I pick up
the kitchen window
Author: Owen Bullock
a giant rimu falls
within an hour
Author: Vanessa Proctor
citizenship ceremony
he mouths the words
to the haka
Author: Greeba Brydges-Jones
just then—
magpies borrowing
Denis Glover’s song
Author: Alan Wells
Drowning the possum.
In the clear lake,
the stars
Author: Helen Bascand
after the game
full moon
between the goalposts
Author: André Surridge
tea tree
      the shape
        of an ocean
Author: Kirsten Cliff Elliot
day moon
hoof prints litter
the beach track
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