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Per Diem Archive: S. Pierides March 2012, Senses

Haiku of the Senses

Haiku and the multi-modality of the senses. Poems in which the imagery evoked in one, dominant sense, sets off a cascade of associative links to other senses, letting a rich, multi-dimensional experience emerge.

Author: Jim Kacian
chopping wood
someone does the same
       a moment later
Author: Martin Shea
walk’s end—
  the cold of his hand    
    shook mine
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
wedding reception—
the weight of her bottle
on the lip of my cup
Author: Randy Brooks
sculpture garden . . .
the marble bench
cool through my jeans
Author: Alexis K. Rotella
Before the ether
of a nurse’s cross
Author: Sandra Simpson
slicing papaya—
the swing
of her black pearls
Author: Carol Raisfeld
sudden windbreak—
everyone pauses
to stare at the dog
Author: Carolyne Rohrig
sudden breeze—
the dog sniffs the hisses
of a gopher snake
Author: Tom Painting
the pulse in a hollow
of her neck
Author: Peggy Heinrich
evening news
the soothing weight
of the quilt
Author: Scott Mason
plum blossoms falling...                  
     her fingers lift
            from the Braille
Author: Stephen Addiss
sniffing the air—
sharp emptiness
    of the approaching storm
Author: Rafał Zabratyński
starry sky—  
the aftertaste of iron
on my bitten tongue
Author: Anatoly Kudryavitsky
aspen in the rain
each leaf drips with
the sound of autumn
Author: Kirsten Cliff Elliot
         cold moon
still the weight of her baby
        in my arms
Author: Chris Gordon
my cold foot steps on her bra still warm
Author: Melissa Allen
opening a window
to hear the cicadas
Author: Don Wentworth
Slime trail—
glancing back at
the glinting
Author: Seren Fargo
summer’s end—
I let the thimbleberry
rest on my tongue
Author: Martin Gottlieb Cohen
lit fish stall
open mouths darken
in the night
Author: 'Haiku Elvis' (Carlos Colón)
taking my glasses
the optician disappears
into the wall paper
Author: Roberta Beary
hating him
between bites
of unripe plum
Author: Johannes S. H. Bjerg
white and purple-
the scent of lilacs
is a ladder too
Author: Alan Summers
lime quarter…
an icecube collapses
over jazz
Author: Claire Everett
fire coals
the darker crackle
of pond ice
Author: Angie Werren
a solitary bird calls to the space between lightning and thunder
Author: Chen-ou Liu
waking to
the scent of jasmine rice . . .
a dream?
Author: Polona Oblak
heat shimmers
the flicker
of a lizard's tongue
Author: Alegria Imperial
in the bare willows–
the shape of longing
Author: Lorin Ford
rusted hinge
the butterfly’s wings
close, open
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