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Per Diem Archive: C. Herold February 2012, Weather

So, How’s the Weather? Inside Out?

Haiku in which emotions and moods are evoked by way of weather terminology juxtaposed to some other image or activity.

Author: Adele Kenny
day lilies
                    to acid rain
Author: John Stevenson
balmy evening—
leaving work, the doctor
says “ah”
Author: Elizabeth Howard
text message
the suddenness
of black ice
Author: Susan Constable
the sound of raindrops
changing size
Author: w. f. owen
cold front—
the honey jar releases
its lid
Author: Francine Porad
distant thunder
my son is now
one hour late
Author: Nathalie Buckland
distant thunder
the cicada throbs
in my hand
Author: Rengé (David Priebe)
     people coming out
with and without umbrellas
     —a double rainbow
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
first warm day
two left gloves
for gardening
Author: Cindy Zackowitz
first warm day—
torn caution tape
at the trailhead
Author: Marian Olson
Author: Jim Kacian
ground fog
up to my ankles
in moonlight
Author: ken hurm
ground fog
a doe’s head
lifts above it
Author: Ed Markowski
gale warning
two gulls surf
the waves above the lake
Author: Matthew Paul
       hard frost
   pigeons peck
at chicken bones
Author: Paul O. Williams
The sparrow flying
With legs dangling down—
The heat!
Author: Chad Lee Robinson
heat lightning
the buckle end
of the belt
Author: Katherine Cudney
ice storm
he traces my scars
in the dark
Author: paul m. (Paul Miller)
rain clouds
the bulging calyx
of the new rose
Author: Chuck Brickley
sheet lightning:
the face near the top
of the ferris wheel
Author: Jerald Ball
the smog! the heat!
and everyone, everyone
in everyone's way!
Author: Gary Hotham
between telephone calls—
the snow drifts off
from the rest of my life
Author: Paul David Mena
snow mixes with rain 
my mother keeps calling me 
by my brother’s name
Author: Renée Owen
record storm surge
the beach lined with
oily murres
Author: an'ya
first spring wash—
colours from the sundog
bleed through a cloud
Author: Allan Burns
distant virga
the ranch dog’s eyes
different colors
Author: Rebecca Lilly
A warm breeze . . .
the scent of hay bales
from the moonlit field
Author: Harriot West
the pulse
in a knot of spiderlings
warm breeze
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