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Per Diem Archive: J. Galmitz and P. Pfleuger, Jr. 2011, Trends

Trends in contemporary (2011) haiku practice

The first collection of haiku for the Per Diem project was assembled by Jack Galmitz and Paul Pfleuger, Jr. Their purpose in selecting these poems was to consolidate what they felt were interesting trends in contemporary (2011) haiku practice, and so this gathering of poems might be considered an anthology of the state of haiku in English for that time. These 60+ poems were selected without regard to theme or month of appearance, and the seeming lack of unity served as an example of irruption, one of the key principles these editors espoused as exemplary in the haiku of the day.

Author: Stanford M. Forrester
old jazz record—
a scratch
Author: Rebecca Lilly
As geese arc, the fog 
closing behind them … 
the poem’s false start
Author: David G. Lanoue
a forest
with an exit sign
my “roughing it”
Author: Larry Kimmel
in the brass door knob
a distorted face
I grip and twist
Author: George Swede
the anger from work
In my son’s birthday balloons
Author: John Wills
past the neighbor's corn
to buy the butter
Author: Kaneko Tohta
A wolf;
one firefly clinging to it
Author: Wally Swist
the silence between us . . .
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
children squealing
slowly the oldest gorilla
focuses elsewhere
Author: Alexis K. Rotella
Trying to forget him
the potatoes.
Author: William J. Higginson
This Alamo
too small a place
for dying
Author: Michio Nakahara
The dream entangled 
in convolvulus is still
dreaming without end
Author: Lorin Ford
cold night
the breath of children
being dragons
Author: Fay Aoyagi
August cicadas
could I carry an ocean
in one suitcase
Author: Kimiyo Aria
finches leaving
and with them
daylight savings' time
Author: Pamela A. Babusci
snow covered village...
I follow a stranger's footprints
over the bridge
Author: Cor van den Heuvel
behind the curtain
the opera singer carries her roses
through a dark forest
Author: Merrill Ann Gonzales
I wade in the brook
that he loved to paint-
pull of the current
Author: Eve Luckring
still pink
close to the bone
Author: Dhugal Lindsay
eating the oyster
i set its shell adrift
a trip to Oki Isle
Author: Nick Virgilio
town barber pole
stops turning:
autumn nightfall
Author: Jerry Kilbride
silent night
the singing hands
of the deaf child
Author: Joann Klontz
free of the sulky
the black horse
continues to trot
Author: Elizabeth Searle Lamb
still wanting
to fly  these feathers
of the dead owl
Author: Yutaka Hasegawa
While a monk prays to Buddha aloud
an old woman has a hearty laugh
within her vagina
Author: Christopher A. White
dancers of
invisible fish are
you awake
Author: Casimiro De Brito
I sing too
The departing body
With autumn leaves
Author: Sayumi Kamakura
Water flows
from the cutting board
to the time of a young girl
Author: Jim Kacian
out of the mud of another eon something firm
Author: Yuko Tange
A string sings-
the tide turns jet-black
and glitters
Author: Ban'ya Natsuishi
Our feelings
have no right answer
the blue sky
Author: John Elsberg
Morning beach   a flash of fish   catching the light
Author: Eric Greinke
A rusty halo hangs
On an unlit taper
Out of order
Author: Mariu Moreno
I wait for you full
like an empty bowl
radiant with dreams
Author: Tomislav Maretić
how many ways
to become a butterfly-
a mime on the stage
Author: Sayumi Kamakura
in the deepest part
of the kaleidoscope:
the Emperor's room
Author: Marian Nicolae Tomi
Flying nowhere
blackbirds appearing out of
the painter's brush
Author: Takatoshi Gotoh
Lower half of my body
surrounded by ocean fish-
Author: Yuko Tange
I philosophize
on hearing the cries
of a meteorite
Author: Jon Cone
building a stone fence   a scattering of feathers
Author: Adam Traynor
the long a of gray
the long a of rain
the shortest day
Author: Sister Benedicta
March in the garden-
My hostess shows me brown sticks
and speaks of flowers
Author: Kiyoshi Fukuzawa
dad in uniform
last photo
Author: Thomas Michael Tico
running along the glassy beach
on top of themselves
Author: Yu Chang
new in town
the scent
of unknown flowers
Author: George Swede
Among the gravestones
with names worn away
children play hide 'n seek
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
meteor shower...
a gentle wave
wets our sandals
Author: Andres Ehin
A bird on the mast of the ship
sings of cherry blossoms.
The seaman begins to bloom.
Author: Kai Falkman
The sweet smell
from an unknown tree
repulses the metropolis
Author: Ellen Abbie Compton-Tejera
first light
dark limbs of the walnut
holding their snow
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Is that light that goes off
an empire
or is it a glowworm?
Author: Octavio Paz
Over the sand
Scriptures of the birds.
Memories of the wind
Author: Mario Benedetti
As it thunders
the ears of the forest
become leaves
Author: Grant Hackett
Why threaten a singing man with the stones of existence
Author: Larry E. Martin
on the wind
Author: Cid Corman
Your shadow
on the page
the poem
Author: Akito Arima
the cat's cradle
the Eiffel Tower too
into winter
Author: Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Knowing one among miles of white crosses
Author: John Stevenson
my hands at rest
in dishwater...
first hummingbird
Author: Yu Chang
almost dusk-
the raspberry stalk bends
with a purple finch
Author: vincent tripi
For me too
the song of the thrush
that landed somewhere else
Author: H. F. Noyes
forest pool-
faun at the brink
of a bottomless sky
Author: Allan Burns
a red-tail's echo...
the reservoir the color
of surrounding pines
Author: paul m. (Paul Miller)
stern wind
the branch an osprey 
adds to its nest
Author: Ernesto P. Santiago
An evening seashell
with its pearly glow
lights the fisherman's way home
Author: Dietmar Tauchner
dense snowfall
the world's
white shadow
Author: Keiji Minato
An angel of stone has wings of stone...such solitude
Author: W.J. van der Molen
Each time
I try to smile I also
show my teeth
Author: Ui Togen
With a fire-colored mane
A silver horse
Author: Kuniharu Shimizu
his life, and then
her life gone--
distant fireworks
Author: Takeo Nakamura
All shadows
in praying posture-
iris flowers
Author: Duško Matas
a deserted backyard
after the rain a duck
in a bomb crater
Author: Dubravko Korbus
on the other side
of the battlefield someone
playing a harmonica
Author: Patricia Donegan
Last night lightning
this morning
the white iris
Author: John Sandbach
On the bank
I wait
for the river to pass
Author: Margaret Chula
sound of a moth
trapped in a paper lantern-
summer rain
Author: Sono Uchida
Heaven and Earth
knotted with a jerk-
Nachi Falls
Author: Yoshiko Yoshino
under cherry blossoms
female convicts in line
walk to their bath
Author: Huguette Ducharme
snowy Sunday
the light is beautiful
his last words
Author: Slavica Vavli
Returning in time
with an umbrella wide open, 
and wet shoes
Author: Casimiro De Brito
Drizzle, patient rain
over my skin-
your tongue
Author: M. Kettner
spent fuel
gum beneath counters
Author: M. Kettner
dawn a can of spilled paint
Author: Lynne Rees
after her death
watching the rain
meeting the river
Author: Chris Gordon
Back at their day jobs
The Chinese Astronauts
Remember weightlessness
Author: Katherine Cudney
a purple tree-
when did I stop
being young?
Author: Katherine Cudney
I am the age
my father never was
spring planting
Author: Susan Diridoni
coyote chorus
elevator to the roof
of forgotten woods
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
Author: John Wills
Shredding straw
and the bluebird's song--
Spring wind
Author: John Wills
the voice
of autumn pine woods
mourning doves
Author: Bob Boldman
walking with the river
the water does my thinking
Author: Yoshitomo Abe
In Shanghai
in every autumn light
a dream
Author: Scott Metz
a post
part of
a song
from the
Author: Raquel D. Bailey
snow-capped mountains
I write a letter
Author: Chen-ou Liu
walking the house all night-
moon festival
Author: Paul Reps
looking into your eyes
I forget that people die
Author: Paul Reps
a bowl of green tea
I stopped the war
Author: Paul David Mena
sudden chill
an empty bird feeder
outside the nursing home
Author: Yu Chang
parting her pink robe-
Author: Dick Whyte
gather at dusk
to sing
Author: Laurence Stacey
twice now
at the abandoned house
Jehovah Witness
Author: Patricia Neubauer
My long life--
Never having found
A four-leaf clover
Author: R.G. Rader
Author: R.G. Rader
parting her
to the dawn
Author: Ed Markowski
1 a.m.
the light in an office
on the 33rd floor
Author: Cindy Tebo
ocean breeze
the names of slave ships
that no longer sail
Author: H. F. Noyes
moonlit snowflakes
floating into the cage
of the silver fox
Author: Billie Wilson
another cross
along this stretch of road
winter fields
Author: Marilyn Appl Walker
rain all day
I carve the darkness
from a peach
Author: Keith Heiberg
writing their passion
on the stream
Author: Malcolm Williams
bee on a black key-
I halt the metronome
Author: 'Haiku Elvis' (Carlos Colón)
winter solstice
I delete an e-mail
from Jesus
Author: C. Avery
border town-
all the houses
with a dog to beware of
Author: Gary Hotham
over the parade-
a window no one
looks out of
Author: Carolyn Hall
so suddenly winter
baby teeth at the bottom
of the button jar
Author: Ann Schwader
deep winter
the sun is only 
another star
Author: Anne LB Davidson
tornado warning---
we learn
what really matters
Author: Gregory Piko
another summer
the butterfly, still safe
under his steel pin
Author: William J. Higginson
Holding the water,
   held by it-
      the dark mud
Author: Beverley George
lengthening shadow...
above her eggs the hen's heart
beats against my arm
Author: w. f. owen
Indian summer
a spent salmon
washes ashore
Author: Yvonne Cabalona
salmon run
does the river too
have memory
Author: Ian Daw
distant singing-
the winter stars
almost touch
Author: George G. Dorsty
this same field...
the sickle moon
Author: Judson Evans
bonsai master-
all the years
cut away
Author: Rebecca Lilly
Listening to snowfall...
the strange things
I can't explain about myself
Author: Fumio Ogoshi
spring bloom-
a young girl singing
beyond her range
Author: Jennie Townsend
autumn light-
the thin thread
of honey
Author: Billie Wilson
retreating glacier--
how long since we've heard
the black wolf's song
Author: Takeshi Shono
I wonder what stones see
And hop
In the shimmering heat waves
Author: Scott Metz
blue apple
it gives birth
to a mirror
Author: John Sandbach
of gardens long dead
travel toward the stars
Author: Jack Galmitz
From the starting gate,
the charge of young horses-
another spring
Author: Jim Kacian
she rocks her feet like a second heart deep night
Author: Jim Kacian
iron stains of roadkill the godless month
Author: Richard Burns
we cannot fight them
in their languages
full of bones
Author: Jim Kacian
as though the stars drill holes through darkness December
Author: Penny Harter
in the store window
a row of dolls
staring back
Author: Romano Zerashi
even the snail
wanders in the galaxy-
evening rain
Author: Hajimu Hirakita
The orchid
a short poem
in spring mist
Author: Kiyoshi Fukuzawa
Wild ducks
solid as carvings
piercing wind
Author: Satoru Kanematsu
From the tap
Water rushes out
A-Bomb Day
Author: Beate Conrad
Thundering skies
wild white horses
reaching the beach
Author: Riitta Rossilahti
Autumn colors--
I had a flaming heart
if only once
Author: Yutaka Kitajima
who built his dead sons
a grave each
Author: Horst Ludwig
Five little roses
our youngest son; he had
just started soccer
Author: Stanford M. Forrester
end of summer...
the cosmos
in a handful of seeds
Author: Rick Black
my ailing father,
listens to the crickets;
last day of August
Author: Hortensia Anderson
spring thaw-
the stream parts to embrace
the stone
Author: Collin Barber
a child's name
set in stone
Author: Michele L. Harvey
not mind
nor heart, nor flesh am I...
sun on the water
Author: Jane Williams
unknown soldier
each year
bears a poppy
Author: Cezar Florin Ciobîcă
spring fever-
a housefly settles
as kireji
Author: Jack Galmitz
Stepping off
Mount Sumeru
I enter the ghetto
Author: Bruce Ross
old conglomerate
filled with bright pebbles
this sadness
Author: Lanara Rosen
Home from surgery-
what kindness,
a flower is
Author: Jeanne Jorgensen
if dry, cracked soil
could let out a sigh
first snowfall
Author: Mark Harris
burl bark grown into a wound a word
Author: Hans Jongman
return to the garden
my Clausewitz copy
covered in blossoms
Author: Susan Constable
early dark
Christmas lights
colour the rain
Author: Terry Ann Carter
killing fields:
the wind carries a butterfly
bone over bone
Author: Allan Burns
winter-golden grass
bent to the wind
to the ways of deer
Author: John Soules
just you
under the magnolia
in bloom
Author: Merrill Ann Gonzales
the persistence
of his image
Author: Jeanne Martin
the warmth of the sun
on his hand
in my hand
Author: Sonam Chhoki
lighting butter lamps
your death anniversary
what else can I do?
Author: Amy Whitcomb
first light
I rise
the way mountains are made
Author: Nika
spring moon
from the tarot deck
the fool
Author: Beverley George
news of a grandchild
I touch a furled bud
in spring rain
Author: Dietmar Tauchner
dense fog
we built up a world
of words
Author: Polona Oblak
pond ice remembering swans
Author: Ruth Holzer
cello suite-
taking leave
of the world
Author: Satoru Kanematsu
why not, snail
take the load sometimes
off your back?
Author: Satoru Kanematsu
\"Got married\"
From a girl I taught-
Plums ripen
Author: Pamela Miller Ness
after all these years
ankle deep
in the other ocean
Author: Francine Porad
blank calendar
not only a new year
a new life
Author: George Seferis
This pillar has a hole
it's a secret worth seeing
Author: Mark Alan Osterhaus
the sunset spreads
endless prairie
Author: Bob Boldman
Utterly still
The bluejay cries
Utterly what I am
Author: Ed Markowski
an orange moth fills
the emptiness of Texas
Author: Janice M. Bostok
pregnant again...
the fluttering of moths
against the window
Author: Elizabeth Searle Lamb
by the night light
tiny spider's tiny web
leaving it there
Author: Helen Buckingham
sunrise last of the cathedral honey
Author: Takaha Shugyo
give me an icicle
containing the stars
of the deep north
Author: Taiho Furusawa
Saw a Russian film-
so fat
a winter carrot
Author: William Stafford
Sioux Haiku
On a relief map
mountains remind my fingers
Where Crazy Horse tried
Author: Valerie Matsumoto
This scar?
Glass bangles
After wild dancing
Author: paul m. (Paul Miller)
orderly fields
of an Amish farm
the things I can't tell her
Author: Philip Rowland
on screens overlooking
the Shinjuku station concourse
seals slithering across a floor
Author: Stanley Pelter
   a pig's memory
 it leads to colours
   of hesitant hills
Author: Fay Aoyagi
cold rain-
my application
to become a crab
Author: John Stevenson
three times I've said
"your husband..."
now we can just talk
Author: John Sandbach
and balloons
heal the battlefield
Author: Gary Hotham
over the parade-
a window no one
looks out of
Author: Jason Sanford Brown
deep in the sea
i hold the world
with eight arms
Author: Scott Metz
the silence grows
teeth- a tree
with cracked windows
Author: Jim Kacian
in a tent in the rain i become a climate
Author: Lee Gurga
forgotten for today by the one true god autumn mosquito
Author: Richard Gilbert
a drowning man
pulled into violet worlds
grasping hydrangea
Author: Dhugal Lindsay
in the dim light
I am an island...picking at
a pomegranate
Author: John Martone
after rain
  picking tomatoes
    my medicine
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
clay on the wheel I confess my faith
Author: Jörgen Johansson
art deco knob it was here i was made 
Author: Timothy 'Tim' Russell (shachihoko)
the coming storm —
a cricket has hold
of the Chevrolet
Author: Stanley Pelter
mask thrown aside
he puts on another
and another
Author: Brian Tasker
attention seeking the therapist’s cat
Author: Alan Summers
the grimace
of the roadside cat
its last
Author: Stephen Gould
Spring rain
I’ve upset
the little stack of coins
Author: Pamela Brown
night birth a lamb shakes fluids into the sleet
Author: Ken Jones
Bad day ahead
I spread honey
to the far corners of my toast
Author: Vanessa Proctor
postcard from egypt
    the loop
        in her g’s
Author: Helen Buckingham
turning back the clocks-
his job
Author: William M. Ramsey
pruning roses—
not earning money
not spending it
Author: William M. Ramsey
pulling gate nails
driven by
my young father
Author: Bruce Ross
coming to rest
the tossed pebble
takes a shadow
Author: Allen McGill
storm clouds
the valley darkens
farm by farm
Author: w. f. owen
blue sky
the carpenter makes
a perfect cut
Author: w. f. owen
Indian summer 
a spent salmon 
washes ashore
Author: 'Haiku Elvis' (Carlos Colón)
my way home
the starfish
Author: Ian Daw
out of a nightmare-
all these bones
in my chest
Author: Yu Chang
old passport
the tug
of my father's smile
Author: Matt Morden
small town pantomime
the audience laughs
in the wrong place
Author: Randy Brooks
behind her
the hayloft,
I watch
my step
Author: Carl Patrick
my neighbor
has more
Author: Anthony J. Pupello
Wall Street gym—
junior execs
run in place
Author: Christopher Patchel
slant light...
to each leaf
its own fall
Author: William Cullen Jr
island in the mist
a lone figure waits
on the ferry pier
Author: Jon Baldwin
a new word needed
for each of the waves
that come in
Author: Adelaide B. Shaw
fading blue sky-
insect voices
find their rhythm
Author: Kala Ramesh
the year passes...
longing for cranes
to color the sky
Author: Lee Giesecke
this lake
this dragonfly
Author: D. Claire Gallagher
a loon calls   mosquitoes from nowhere
Author: Randy Brooks
spring at last
letting the stallion out
into the pasture
Author: Chad Lee Robinson
The sea inside   Dakota wheat fields
Author: Rebecca Lilly
Dead-end road--
shadows of skinny cows
through old barbed wire
Author: Connie Donleycott
I take the road
with speed bumps...
autumn leaves
Author: Michael Ketchek
the snow covered hills
stretch into night
Author: Jörgen Johansson
spring snow...
comforting words
to myself
Author: Peter Joseph Gloviczki
the funeral-
I read the verse
you read to me
Author: Irene Golas
so green I hear it
spring rain
Author: Gautam Nadkami
kite flying day
colored squares patch
the holes in the sky
Author: Miriam Sagan
fossil fern-
all that I've tried
to hold on to
Author: Clare McCotter
a swan's wing
Author: Patrick Sweeney
Author: Fay Aoyagi
pastel-colored day
a password
for the budding willow
Author: A.C. Missias
the hollow sound
of a playground ball
    lingering light
Author: Andrea Grillo
almost dawn in the owl's hoot what I know of solitude
Author: Francine Banwarth
breathing on her own-
    furrowed fields
the color of waiting
Author: Jo McInerney
only this
was black and white...
mother's cameo
Author: Harriot West
blue sky
maybe I don't need
to be right
Author: Bill Kenney
all the children
Author: Gary Hotham
our tour ends in rain
         - - -
a fortress our ancestors
believed in
Author: Mark Cunningham
even coffin nails
April dusk
Author: George Swede
another friend dead
a crow flying toward
the after-sunset
Author: Jennifer Corpe
dry leaves in spring
a sense
of urgency
Author: Erin Bow
red threads
in the sparrow's nest
frayed prayer flags
Author: frances angela
the darkness
of mother's hair
Author: Tom Drescher
chill wind
a dime lands softly
in his velvet case
Author: George Swede
a chasm as deep
as fear
Author: Cora Whitmore
footpath through
the valley snow
secrets I knew as a child
Author: Glenn G. Coats
a heron's squawk
the islands too small
for names
Author: Ferris Gilli
my apology...
a finch barely breaking
the snow's crust
Author: Gregory Hopkins
the cherry blossoms arrive without a god
Author: Deborah P Kolodji
summer chill
a man guts sculpin
at the fish mart
Author: Jo McInerney
summer breeze
cattle graze the floor
of an ancient sea
Author: Sam Savage
evening down a road where a car has gone
Author: A. Daigu
Of haze comes flowers sky he walking
Author: d.a. levy
blue hair in the wind
we pretend is living now
people on welfare
Author: Fujiki Kiyoko
in an old bed a devil grabbed me by my black hair
Author: Fujiki Kiyoko
The quiet sound of a falling mosquito resounds in my body
Author: Fujiki Kiyoko
Having gotten used to the depths of war I love a dog
Author: Ed Baker
Yellow flower
shaking wind
allThisinOne w a v e
Author: Borivoj Bukva
on the floor
actors and masks-
on the table a rose
Author: Slavica Savli
There's really no hope
those limpid tears will cool
into blades of steel?
Author: Anthony Marcoff
a museum of moons shadows on the stone
Author: Jyothirmai Gubili
in a tide pool
Author: Ling Taara
fading day-
in the blue cry of peacocks
the light of unformed things
Author: Anne Elvey
all night rain-
the tattoo
of dreams
Author: Drago Stambuk
on the flower.
Another flower
Author: Ernest J. Berry
childhood home
I park in the shade
of my cherry stone
Author: Chris Gordon
more than all you know the crow
Author: Chris Gordon
The Invisible Circus
Forbids the clowns
To remove their make-up
Author: Chiaki Nagamine
A thin moon-
something fluttering
is my body
Author: Tomizawa Kakio
in her eyes ant,ant,ant,ant,ant
Author: Sam Savage
A small window filled with seasounds it lightens
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