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Our Roving Ambassador in Melbourne

Roberta Beary, The Haiku Foundation’s roving ambassador, will next appear in Melbourne, Australia. We hope you will be able to attend the event if you’re in the are. Here are the details:

Ms. Beary will fulfill the role for 2017, as she embarks on round-the-world travel which will see her engage with a gallimaufry of haiku cultures on at least three continents. During this time she will help people around the world become more aware of the Foundation and its activities, in addition to giving readings and presentations. We’ll update you with her whereabouts as time goes along, and be sure to check here for her reports. Please notify her if you would like to try to schedule an appearance.

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  1. It was my pleasure to organise the haiku gathering today for Roberta at Melbourne’s iconic Fitzroy Gardens.
    The event was well attended with the following poets in attendance.
    Sophia Frentz, Jayashree Maniyill, Janet Howie, Lorin Ford, Madhuri Pillai, Marisa Fazio, Takanori Hayakawa, Ela Fornalska and myself.
    Seated in the shade, Roberta talked about her experience in the Towpath group, shared some of her haiku from the Unworn Necklace and shared some thoughts about haibun and haiku.
    Some of our laughter was echoed by kookaburras in the park.
    Those of us heading back towards the city ended the event by a stroll through the conservatory to admire the fuchsias and begonias currently in bloom.
    It was an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.
    My thanks to all who attended and a big thank you to Roberta and Frank .
    Wishing you both the very best on your haiku travels .

  2. I met Roberta today in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, along with five other members of the Red Kelpie Haiku Group, one new member, and two interested others .

    It was a great pleasure. Roberta is charming, open, natural and very giving of herself. A lovely person and a great ambassador for THF.

    (…and I got my copy of The Unworn Necklace signed. :-) . . .which I’ve had since somewhere between 2008 & 2010… can’t remember quite when!)

    The weather was good for us too . . . not ridiculously hot.

    – Lorin

  3. Dear Roberta,

    A short note: the lesson plans Jim Kacian and I wrote for the Education Resources page may be useful to teachers where you travel. Montage is the textbook, and the plans are free and may be printed. There are also plans by Brad Bennett, Tom Painting, and work by many poets/teachers.

    I’ll let others add more . . .


    Best wishes, Ellen

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