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Our Roving Ambassador in Malta

In the Middle of the Mediterranean

During a recent 10 day visit to Malta, I was fortunate to spend time with two Maltese poets, Paul Callus and Francis Attard. At the start of my stay, I met with Paul and his spouse Sheila in Valletta. At its end, I met with Francis in St. Paul’s Bay. There were lively discussions concerning all things haiku, including the mission of The Haiku Foundation. Thanks to our hosts, my spouse Frank and I also learned about Malta’s unique history.

Over pastries at Valletta’s Caffe Cordina, Paul and I discussed myriad haiku publications, and the pros and cons of member-only journals.For our initial contact, I gave credit to Gilles Fabre, editor of seashores, in which Paul’s haiku is published. I recommended that Paul join The Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Registry, which enables haiku poets from around the world to find each other by means of its database.

Roberta Beary and Paul Callus, Malta, May 2024

During coffee at a seaside hotel in St. Paul’s Bay, Francis and I discussed various haiku journals and associations and touched on those that sponsor contests. I told Francis that I knew his work from The British Haiku Society journal Blithe Spirit. And that I appreciated his listing in the Haiku Registry. Francis kindly gave me a copy of his collaborative renku collection, Original Numbers (with Dick Pettit).

Roberta Beary and Francis Attard, Malta, May 2024

It is wonderful when haiku acts as a bridge across global communities. I thank Paul Callus and Francis Attard for their willingness to talk about their experiences of writing English language haiku in Malta.

Roberta Beary, THF Roving Ambassador
May 2024

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    1. It was, Terri! It was!

      A country of history and beauty and two fab haiku poets. Now a treasured memory.

  1. Hi Roberta! What a surprise it was to come across this article of yours regarding your Malta visit.
    It was a pleasure to meet in person and talk at ease about life, writing and many other bits and pieces.
    Hopefully we will meet again…..Regards // Paul

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