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OtherWordly Contest Results

You’ll recall that The Haiku Foundation announced the OtherWordly Haiku Contest to our audience a couple months ago. Well, the results are in.

All told, there were 970 submissions, from 198 poets, and the review process involved 3 judges: David Oates, Nicholas Sola, and Deborah P Kolodji. We hope you enjoyed the process, and the winning poems.

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  1. I love the humor in these haiku. Darrell Lindsey’s really tickled me.
    Great to know that a new generation will be seeing them.

  2. Here’s are all the 31 Official Selections, which will all be published in the game…

    Eagle nebula
    a growing protostar
    gripped in its claw
    — Tracy Davidson

    starry night:
    I wonder, which one
    is closest to me?
    — Raquel D. Bailey

    the cat lets the dog out
    the airlock
    — LeRoy Gorman

    solstice comet
    I catch the tail end
    of a dream
    — Debbie Strange

    another nation
    enters the space race
    full moon
    — Karen DiNobile

    your presence
    after you are gone…
    — Rajandeep Garg

    moonrise after the visitor
    leaves three white petals
    — David Boyer

    backyard campout
    we fall asleep counting
    the ghosts of stars
    — Debbie Strange

    too long a voyage
    bots share love poems
    then refuse to speak
    — Tyson West

    through craft windows
    the slow arcing spray
    of space debris
    — Wendy C. Bialek

    planetary alignment
    photon sails
    tug at their lines
    — paul m.

    space travel—
    the professor’s expired gum
    circles the can
    — Robert Kingston

    barber shop mirrors
    a young boy wonders
    about infinity
    — Simon Hanson

    zombie satellites
    and rocket debris
    space tourism
    — Olivier Schopfer

    Saturn’s rings
    leftovers from a game
    of alien hoop-la
    — Tracy Davidson

    comets comb
    a jet black firmament
    the witching hour
    — Deborah Guzzi

    meteor shower
    over the campgrounds
    children grab their blankets
    — R.D. Bailey

    Alpha Centauri toyshop
    an Earth war game
    collects dust
    — LeRoy Gorman

    dark matter—
    a new look
    at what I can’t see
    — Jill Lange

    Milky Way Galaxy—
    stars outnumbered
    by passwords
    — Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

    across our lawn
    on dewy nights
    ten thousand tiny moons
    — Simon Hanson

    Milky Way
    moths hover
    around the lamp
    — Nikolay Grankin

    oil lamps
    all over the temple
    night sky
    — Rajandeep Garg

    a galaxy
    on the fawn’s back
    solstice eve
    — Debbie Strange

    solar flares
    a spill of buttercups
    in the meadow
    — Debbie Strange

    flash mob—
    we colonize the moon
    — Susan Burch

    incoming inlaws
    the temperature on Mars
    goes up a degree
    — LeRoy Gorman

    languages yet
    to be discovered
    — Olivier Schopfer

    Discount Dance Academy
    robot instructor
    with two left feet
    — Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

    black hole—
    nothing can pull him away
    from his video games
    — Raquel D. Bailey

    lights still on
    in the derelict ship
    a leaf unfurls
    — assu


    ~ Competition stats:
    There were 970 submissions, from 198 poets, and the review process involved 3 judges.

    http://www.idea.orgI addition to the winners, and honourable mentions….

  3. Many congratulations to Debbie, Tom and Simon and everyone whose haiku will be featured in the game – what a great idea!

  4. I love the chosen haiku! The emotional content, creativity, humor and surreal …so strong and confident. Debbie Stange such a vivid positive gesture! Thanks to the judges for such great choices. This makes me smile.

  5. Congratulations to Debbie Strange and all the others that had haiku recognised and published in this soon to be released game.
    Also to all the creators and judges, a well constructed idea that will see the genre touch souls it may never have touched.

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