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A book of haiku by the German poet Ralf Broker

A collection of haiku by American poet Jim Kacian, with Italian and German translations.

Presents of Mind Master.mp3
A sound recording of a reading of the book of the same title, with shakuhachi accompaniment.

A teaching manual for teaching English-language skills through haiku.

A collection of haiku by Japanese poet Hoshinaga Fumio.

A collection of essays on contemporary haiku practice in Japan and (primarily) the United States.

A selection of the haiku of Hoshinaga Fumio, with critical commentary, by Richard Gilbert

The transcript of an interview with Japanese poet, Hoshinaga Fumio by Richard Gilbert

Richard Gilbert offers translations and commentaries on selected haiku by Hoshinaga Fumio.

Essay on poetic composition, seeking the wild in language, by Japanese poet Tohta Kaneko in English translation by the Kon Nichi Translation Group. 92 pages, perfect softbound.
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