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Charles B. Dickson’s work dropped out of view for a time, and perhaps exhibiting his work here will help people
reacquaint themselves with his consistent quality.

20 haiku.

Mike Dillon has been plying his way with haiku for three decades. This is his only full-length book from all that time.

71 haiku, several longer poems and a haibun. With a brief bio of the author.

19 haiku and 4 haibun by Del Doughty.

'These brief, evocative poems of pilgrimage by Michael Dudley both subtly and explicitly explore the natural world and environmental issues, the dynamics of human relationships and sexuality, the complexity of political and social themes, and the…

91 haiku by Bernard Lionel Einbond, arranged into four thematic sections.
The book contains a brief bio of its author.

91 haiku by K. Ramesh, with an Introduction by Christopher Herold.

Bernard Lionel Einbond was a charter member of the Haiku Society of America, and won the Japan Air Lines Contest in 1989 with a poem that legitimized the English-language haiku enterprise to many in Japan and elsewhere. This 2000 volume from Red Moon…

David Elliott’s work has a consistently quiet, confidential, grounded feel to it, from his earliest, as in this collection from 1992, to the present day.

147 haiku, in six sequences, with a short bio of the author.

90 haiku by Dee Evetts, 10 in a sequence entitled 'Notes from the Other Side', drawn from the author's experiences in a psychiatric ward.
There is an Introduction by the author and a brief bio.

100 haiku and senryu by Bruce H. Feingold, in 6 sequences, with a brief definition of haiku by the author and brief biographical notes of the author and the illustrator.
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