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A collection of international poetry, including English-language haiku by American poet Jim Kacian (also in Italian translation).

A book of haiku-like poems on numbers and diacritical marks.

A haiku journal edited by Lorin Ford.

A sequence of rhyming haiku in Portuguese, by three Brazilian poets: Jose Marins; Alvaro Posselt; and Amauri Solon.

A collection of haiku by Japanese poets Ban'ya Natsuishi and Sayumi Kamakura

A celebration of Raymond Roseliep, being a collection of 100 of his haiku on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

A collection of haiku by American poet Guy R. Beining.

A collection of haiku by British poet Brigid Fayers.

Translations and commentaries on 100 Japanese haiku, by Helen Sigeko Isaacson, a staff member of the International Haiku Project at The University of Groningen.

An anthology of classical Chinese poems in English translation.
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