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A collection of renga by British poets Annie Bachini and Steve Mason.

An article on Masaoka Shiki

simonova-cecon_bannosenryu 2016-2019.pdf
A selection of 200 senryu originally published in the Japanese daily newspaper, Mainichi Shimbun, in a haiku column edited by the well-known copywriter Takashi Nakahata and translated into English, Iralian and Russian.

A popular metaphor for…

A book of haiku by Pravat Kumar Padhy

A biography of British educator R. H. Blyth.

In this essay, James Abrams offers an extensive and very creditable account of Santoka's life, poetry and spiritual journey.

Haiku by American poet Stephen Addiss.

A retrospective of the visual art of haiku poet Stephen Addiss.

The life, art and poetry of Kodojin, by Stephen Addiss

A monograph by Stephen Addiss on how Zen masters portrayed themselves and others in their writing.
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