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A final collection of haiku from late American poet Bill Kenney.

A collection of haiku by Pakistani poet Hifsa Ashraf on the topic of Islamophobia.

The annual Two Autumns Anthology for 2022, featuring work by James Chessing, Kristen Lindquist, Scott Mason and Julie Schwerin, edited by Nate Tico.

An anthology of contemporary Bulgarian haiku in 14 sequences conversing with famous Western mainstream poems.

A collection of poems by Takuboku Ishikawa in English translation by r soos.

thf volunteer anthology 2022 diglib.pdf
A collection of international haiku by volunteers to The Haiku Foundation.

A collection of haiku by Canadian poet Philomene Kocher.

A multilingual collection of haiku by Croatian poet Goran Gatalica.

A collection of haiku by American poet Lorraine A Padden.

A collection of haiku by American poet Brad Bennett.
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