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Old Pond Comics — Grass

Every Saturday morning Jessica Tremblay will delight us with a comic strip from her new Haiku-Comics series.

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    1. It always seems nicer on the other side of the fence (whether it’s colorful or not). To me, this haiku is a reminder that happiness is all about learning to appreciate what you have.

  1. Good timing, Jessica! I’m currently reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It’s like a belated prose part of a haibun with Wright’s haiku.

    1. Wow, I should read that book next. I was really impressed by “African American Haiku: Cultural Visions” edited by John Zheng. I really enjoyed discovering the work of Richard Wright, James Emanuel, Etheridge Knight, and Sonia Sanchez, and rediscovering haiku by Lenard D. Moore.

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