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Old Pond Comics: Bare-Chested


Every Saturday morning Jessica Tremblay will delight us with a comic strip from her new Haiku-Comics series.

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  1. When his father died, he was kicked out of the house by his stepmother and wandered for many years. Kobayashi Issa loved to write haiku about insects and small creatures, such as fleas, flies, mice, etc.

  2. Such charming drawings! While living in Japan, i saw an exhibition of haiku-related cartoons by a well-known artist. At the time, I was surprised, but realized that it fit with the “hai” of haiku. Cheers,

    1. Thanks Kristen. If you remember the name of the artist, I’d love to know. I always found that Haiku and comic strips have lots in common and that’s why they fit so well together.

      Thanks for reminding me of the origin of the word for haiku: from hai amusement + ku verse. The “Hai” part has always been very important to me. I always wrote more senryu than haiku. 🙂

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