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Notes From the Gean (Volume 1, Issue 1)


The first issue of Notes From the Gean: A Journal of Japanese Short Forms (Volume 1, Issue 1) is now up. Published by Gean Tree Press, this online journal features sections containing haiku, tanka, haiga, and other special features. The editorial staff consists of Colin Stewart Jones (Managing Editor), Lorin Ford (haiku), H. Gene Murtha (tanka) and Origa (haiga).

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  1. Hi, guys, I’d better get writing something…but with this flu haven’t been able to put two thoughts together…but from what I’ve seen you have had some wonderful submissions so far.
    I’m not a prolific writer…in fact words are a second language…but it sure is a pleasure to see what you’ve put together. All your hard work shows.

  2. Hello , Scott and everyone. ‘Notes From the Gean’ is accepting submissions for issue #3 until the October 15th deadline.

    From 1st September, when issue #2 went online, we have a better website and a changed url. I’d like to note the new url here so that people might be able to avoid confusion when googling. (If you get issue #1 via google, it says ‘submissions closed’!)

    best wishes,

  3. thx for this scott

    gene has coverred it all
    buti wanted to thank you personally



  4. thank you Scott, for the post. I am not sure how we pulled this off within about 3 weeks, but some how, we did, and with a lot of help from the haiku community, Curtis Dunlap, Haiku Oz, and all of the contributing poets, of
    which I cannot thank everyone enough.


    Gene & all of the editors.

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