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Nominate Your Favorite Haiku for a Touchstone Award

In 2016 more than 500 haiku were nominated from the around world for the Touchstone Award for Individual Poems. The Haiku Foundation is pleased to announce that the awards for 2017 are now open.

It’s time now to reflect on your favorite English-language haiku published during 2017. Please send us two of your favorites, one of which may be your own. These are awards, not contests: it is our wish to recognize the best haiku published in 2017. In addition to personal nominations, we request journal editors send us the best English-language haiku they have published each issue during the award year. Please submit your nominations by year’s end. You can do so by going to our online form.

Current and past award-recipients are showcased in the Touchstone Archive.

For more information on eligibility and how to submit nominations visit our Touchstone Poems Awards page.

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