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news (12.29.09)


Some reading and listening materials to take you into the year of the tiger. . . .

Haiku Chronicles: Episode 9—The Definition (featuring Anita Virgil)

Haiku Reality/Stvarnost

which includes the essays:

Haiku & Capitalism


Bashō’s Sexual Life

both by Dr. Dimitar Anakiev


Notes from the Gean #3

Roadrunner IX:4 (November 09)

Shamrock Haiku Journal #12
Haiku Journal of the Irish Haiku Society

“Theoretical Apparitions of Haiku : An Intermedial Interrogation of Modernity”

by Tollof Nelson

The Heron’s Nest XI:4 (December 09)

a full view of
The Fifth Season
*new year ku*
by robin d. gill

selections from
Shinsen 21 (New Selection 21)
an anthology of the haiku poets under 40-year-olds

translated by Fay Aoyagi

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  1. I can’t wait to get back to all the reading material. I’m just collecting some directionals for the New Year’s journey. Just keep this post availble for awhile…it looks like one we’ll be visiting again and again. New Year wanderings…

  2. .
    Thanks for all the reading suggestions!

    For those with another moment to spare, check in with the latest kigo and topics collected during 2009 !

    Workd Kigo Database Newsletter

    I am working on some of the New Year Humanity kigo, there are plenty of cultural keywords.

    Here it is lunchtime, I just had my first early peek at New Year food (they sell cheap boxes already … mjami )

    Greetings from Gabi in Japan, expecting snow for tomorrow night.


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