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news (11.25.09)


Some old and new news items, blogs, blogposts, sites, essays, book releases for your perusal. I hope to makes this news update a once a month thing. Hope something interests you . . . .

Borges & Haiku

Roberta Beary’s website

Haiku & Modernist Poetics
by THF Associate Yoshinobu Hakutani

a thousand yrs of kyôka,
comic japanese poetry in the classic waka mode.
by Robin D. Gill.

pix from Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2009

a sampling of
Modern Haiku (Autumn 2009)

tinywords: a journal of micropoetry
is now accepting submissions (again)

On The Acorn Book of Contemporary Haiku

& Part II

Robert D. Wilson’s The Wonderland Amusement Park

Deborah P Kolodji’s Poetry Scrapbook and Random Musings

a sampling of the latest issue of
(journal of the haiku society of america)
[fall 2009]

Fay Aoyagi continues to churn out daily translations of
20th and 21st century Japanese haiku
on her
Blue Willow Haiku World

new issue of Simply Haiku is out (Winter 2009)

& the new issue of
Lynx: a journal of linking poets (October 2009)

Women & Postwar Gendai Haiku: From Invisibility to Leadership

ant ant ant ant ant’s blog

The Haiku Sensibilities of E.E. Cummings
is always worth a reread

Haiku—Take Five Brilliant Corners

Explicating the Haiku of Mitsuhashi Takajo

Haiku Chronicles:
Episode 8: The Crafting of Haiku (with Anita Virgil)
Episode 7: Baseball Haiku
Episode 6: History of American Haiku Part III (with Cor van den Heuvel)

New 25th Anniversary Edition of The Haiku Handbook

The Poetic Achievement of Ban’ya Natsuishi

new collections from Red Moon Press
by Alice Frampton, John Martone, John Stevenson & Max Verhart

my own ku @ lakes & now wolves (which i try to update weekly)

marlene’s mountains

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  1. This certainly is a wonderful idea. Not much strength at the moment but through sites like this I can still get around and
    keep my toes in the water. What a joy to come upon Marlene Mountain’s : now that i’m famous i’m temporarily unavailable
    in her
    “connections” [whcmm] 2000’s. 🙂 Something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

  2. No problem Scott, I’m just grateful for the ability to share this sort of information with the others thanks to you and the rest who work so hard here.

  3. Here’s something I think would’ve been worthy of the news update:

    “Haiku News” – with a difference! As far as I’m aware this is the only “haiku news” website which isn’t about squeezing headlines into a 5,7,5 format, but actually focusses on genuine haiku and tanka. There is usually a new poem every day.

    Amongst the numerous poets who’ve already published are Paul Smith, and (coming soon) Michael Dylan Welch.

    I hope everyone enjoys this new site which has been running since June. Submissions are accepted at any time.

    1. Christopher, thanks for sharing this, and my apologies for not having included it among the links in the post.

      and if anyone else out there would like to leave links or news items through comments, please do.

  4. Re: news– Borges included six “tankas” in his poetry collection *The Gold of the Tigers*. *The Acorn Book of Contemporary Haiku* is available via Amazon. Expensive.

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