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New to Haiku: The Haiga Artist’s Process – Dian Duchin Reed

Haiga is the beautiful melding of haiku and art. The Haiku Foundation maintains Haiga Galleries containing works from a number of English-language haiga poet-artists. At New to Haiku, we are interested in preserving the knowledge of these talented members of our community. What lessons do they have to teach us? How do they create their art? Where do they see the future of haiga?

Dian Duchin Reed was kind enough to share her haiga artist’s process with us. An award-winning writer and photographer, Dian says, “[A] picture plus a haiku – which is to say, haiga – can yield a thousand insights.” Please enjoy more from Dian in her full artist’s statement video below.


In addition, Dian has prepared a step-by-step instruction guide on how her haiga art is created. A higher quality .pdf of this complete work can be found by clicking on the photo below.

Dian Duchin Reed’s Step by Step Guide to Creating Haiga


Dian Duchin Reed is an award-winning writer whose poems, articles, essays, and photographs have appeared in many publications. Her books include Medusa Discovers Styling Gel (poetry) and Dao De Jing: Laozi’s Ancient Wisdom (translated from the Chinese). Learn more at

Julie Bloss Kelsey is the current Secretary of The Haiku Foundation. She started writing haiku in 2009, after discovering science fiction haiku (scifaiku). She lives in Maryland with her husband and kids. Julie's first book of poetry, The Call of Wildflowers, is available for free online through Title IX Press. Connect with her on Twitter @MamaJoules.

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  1. Thanks Dian for sharing your creation process. Both videos were very helpful.

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