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Name the Troutswirl Section (reminder)


Just a reminder. Submissions of names for the new troutswirl section, to be headed by Peter Yovu, are to be sent in by June 30th.

The new section will consist of questions posed about a variety of issues concerning haiku. To quote Peter: “Every 2 to 3 weeks a question will be posted and introduced. You will be invited, encouraged and maybe coaxed to take part in this journey into the nature and possibilities of haiku, to say what you think, feel, believe and wonder about a wide range of subjects, be it the role of imagination, the importance of sound, the use of season words or the significance of gendai haiku to western writers and readers.”

The winning prize: a copy of John Wills’ long out of print Reed Shadows.

Submissions so far have been generous and diverse. Thanks to everyone who has submitted their ideas so far. Please keep them coming!

You may submit as many entries as you like. Leave your submissions in a comment for this post (and we will place them into the basket), or email them to Scott Metz (ztemttocs@gmail) by June 30th.

The original announcement for this contest can be found here.

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