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Name the New Troutswirl Section

Name the New Troutswirl Section

by Peter Yovu


Was there ever an adventure, big or small, that did not begin with a question, and that was not fueled at every bend with further questions and ongoing curiosity and the longing to bring what is far away up close? It is in the spirit of haiku as adventure that we will introduce a new section to the Foundation‘s blog Troutswirl.

Every 2 to 3 weeks a question will be posted and introduced. You will be invited, encouraged and maybe coaxed to take part in this journey into the nature and possibilities of haiku, to say what you think, feel, believe and wonder about a wide range of subjects, be it the role of imagination, the importance of sound, the use of season words or the significance of gendai haiku to western writers and readers. Like any adventure, it will be helpful to have scholars, scientists, musicians, jugglers and a seasick stowaway on board, but before we begin, we need (to extend the metaphor of an adventure at sea) a name for this ship.

And so, a contest . . .

Can you think of a word, an amalgam of words, or a short catchy phrase which will proudly, pleasingly and intriguingly sit on the masthead of this section of Troutswirl? That will entice readers to participate in the adventure? A high standard has already been set with names like “Periplum,” “Envoy,” and “Virals” and we are looking for something equally strong. In keeping with the Troutswirl theme we are offering the following prize: a copy of John Wills’ long out of print masterpiece Reed Shadows. In the event the judges do not find a winner, this coveted prize will remain on the shelf where it currently resides.


   Please send your submissions to Scott Metz (ztemttocs[at] by    June 30th.

   You may submit as many ideas for names as you like.

   The judges for the contest are: Jim Kacian, Scott Metz & Peter Yovu.

   The winner, if there is one, will be announced July 4th.

   We look forward to your submissions!

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  1. 51 crows

    Have you ever seen them gather enmass? It’s a family affair and each one comes with something to contribute. I’ve seen them on an old hickory tree out back here… the gathering of the clan…the passing on of “crow” information. One day I counted fifty one of them.

  2. Chhaya

    is a sanskrit word for shade – the shade, a protection under which art can thrive.

    Another name I would like to suggest is:

    Kalaa Kuteer – the home of all arts, and haiku is an art form.
    The break up of these two words, would be:
    Kalaa – arts
    Kuteer – home

  3. eddy – a current that moves against
    the main current (traditional english-
    language poetry)

  4. Aquarium–because this is a place where a variety of fish and aquatic plants can be found, so this site could be a place where a variety of ideas can be found

  5. Vortex – since it draws everything in its current to the “center”…
    I’ll be interested to see all the suggestions…as I’ll learn a lot just from this

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