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Montage: The Book is The Haiku Foundation’s second edition of its popular first publication.

Based on Allan Burns’ highly acclaimed series on the Foundation website, Montage: The Book gathers all 43 of the weekly galleries, some in revised form, between covers. It also adds 10 new galleries, featuring 30 new poets and 210 new poems, to offer a year’s worth of haiku reading (52 weeks and a gallery for New Year’s Day). The compilation thus comprises 1113 poems.

An insightful and focused foreword is provided by Peggy Willis Lyles, and the cover design and interior graphics have been created by Ron Moss. Book design, preparation and printing have been overseen by Red Moon Press. We’re sure this is a volume every haiku reader, writer or lover will want in their library. And here’s the odd thing: it’s not for sale!

The revised second edition is faithful to the first version, with the substitution of a few poems and slightly revised texts in a couple instances. It remains the largest, and we believe, the most beautiful, anthology of English-language in the world, and belongs in every haiku lover’s library.

How to Get a Copy

The only way you can get a copy of this fabulous anthology is by donating $50 or more to The Haiku Foundation. The work of all those listed above—Burns, Lyles, Moss, Red Moon Press—has been donated to the advancement of the Foundation, to create an incentive premium unique to us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you require multiple copies—please contact The Haiku Foundation.

Note: If you receive a copy of Montage: The Book in exchange for your donation to The Haiku Foundation, and then claim your donation against your 2013 Federal Income Tax, you must deduct $10 from your donation (the nominal cost of the premium to the Foundation). You may choose not to receive a book (and thus claim your entire donation) if that is your preference.

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