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Montage, a haiku gallery edited by Allan Burns and sponsored by The Haiku Foundation, was updated weekly from March to December of 2009. A comparative exhibit, its goal was to juxtapose the work of poets, often from different times and places, in order to suggest something about the range and breadth of haiku in English. Translations of Japanese classics, world haiku, pioneering attempts to domesticate haiku to English, senryu, and experimental efforts to stretch the boundary of what haiku in English can be—all were fair game. Each gallery had its theme and typically featured seven haiku by three different poets.

See also Montage: The Book.

December 2009

Montage #43: Winter II (Martin Shea; Jim Kacian; Jack Barry)

Montage #42: Winter I (Scott Mason; Ruth Yarrow; Lorin Ford)

Montage #41: Halcyon Days (Randy Brooks; David Cobb; Michael Dylan Welch)

Montage #40: Now & Zen (Karma Tenzing Wangchuk; vincent tripi; Stanford M. Forrester)

November 2009

Montage #39: Confessions (Nick Avis; Roberta Beary; John Stevenson)

Montage #38: Three Women (Sandra Simpson; Virginia Brady Young; Eve Luckring)

Montage #37: THF (Dave Russo; Billie Wilson; Scott Metz)

Montage #36: With a Smile (Yu Chang; George Swede; Jörgen Johansson)

Montage #35: The Europeans (Max Verhart; Dietmar Tauchner; Dimitar Anakiev)

October 2009

Montage #34: Halloween Masque (Clement Hoyt; Tomas Tranströmer; Ann K. Schwader)

Montage #33: Three Poets of the UK (John Crook; Caroline Gourlay; John Barlow)

Montage #32: Looking with the Universe (Lee Gurga; Robert Spiess; Charles Trumbull)

Montage #31: The Little Truths (Kobayashi Issa; Ferris Gilli; Cherie Hunter Day)

September 2009

Montage #30: New England Sketches (Peter Yovu; Bruce Ross; paul m.)

Montage #29: Autumn Colors (Natsume Sôseki; vincent tripi; Carolyn Hall)

Montage Speiclal Edition: 1939 (Marian Olson; Caroline Gourlay; Ruth Yarrow; Peggy Willis Lyles; Marlene Mountain)

Montage #28: Fall Migration (Carole MacRury; Martin Lucas; Allan Burns)

Montage #27: California Dreamin’ (Michael McClintock; D. Clarie Gallagher; Jerry Ball)

August 2009

Montage #26: One-Liners (Matsuo Allard; Stuart Quine; Jeff Stillman)

Montage #25: The Adobe Wall (Elizabeth Searle Lamb; Marian Olson; Edith Bartholomeusz)

Montage #24: Around the World (Ion Condrescu; K. Ramesh; Bob Lucky)

Montage #23: The Haiku Capital of the Midwest (Bill Pauly; Raymond Roseliep; Francine Banwarth)

Montage #22: Lifefulness (R.H. Blyth; J.W. Hackett; Christopher Herold)

July 2009

Montage #21: Birthdays II (Gary Hotham; Lee Gurga; Jim Kacian)

Montage #20: Moonstruck (Natsume Sôseki; Margaret Chula; Taneda Santôka)

Montage #19: Quotidian Moments (Dee Evetts; John Stevenson; Carolyn Hall)

Montage #18: Transience (Kobayashi Issa; Charles B. Dickson; John Brandi)

June 2009

Montage #17: Birthdays (Nick Virgilio; Martin Shea; John Wills)

Montage #16: Summertime (Masaoka Shiki; Peggy Willis Lyles; Garry Gay)

Montage #15: Juneteeth (Richard Wright; Geoffrey Wilson; Raquel D. Bailey)

Montage #14: Water Works (Yosa Buson; Christopher Herold; Kirsty Karkow)

May 2009

Montage #13: Forms (O Mabson Southard; Marlene Mountain; John Martone)

Montage #12: Life & Death (Nick Virgilio; George Swede; Chad Lee Robinson)

Montage #11:Bashô’s Journey (Matsuô Basho)

Montage #10: Women’s Experience (Chiyo-ni; Anita Virgil; Ruth Yarrow)

Montage #9: Buddha-nature (Jôsô; Burnell Lippy; Stanford M. Forrester)

April 2009

Montage #8: Antipodes (Janice Bostok; Ernest J. Berry; Ron Moss)

Montage #7: The Good Earth (Paul O. Williams; Marian Olson; Paul MacNeil)

Montage #6: Spring Migration (Peggy Willis Lyles; Matthew Paul; John Barlow)

Montage #5: Play Ball (Masaoka Shiki; Cor van den Heuvel; Dan McCullough)

March 2009

Montage #4: Frontiers (Fay Aoyagi; Peter Yovu; Scott Metz)

Montage #3: Spring Is Here (Yosa Buson; Richard Wright; Jack Barry)

Montage #2: Content (Alexis Rotella; Charles B. Dickson; Johnny Baranski)

Montage #1: Foundations (Matsuô Basho; Nick Virgilio; Elizabeth Searle Lamb)

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