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Montage #16


Montage #16, presented by Allan Burns, is now up here on The Haiku Foundation website. This week’s theme is “Summertime” in recognition of the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere (June 21st this year). This installment features the haiku of Gary Gay, Peggy Willis Lyles and Masaoka Tsunenori (正岡 常規), better known by one of his hundred haigyo/pen-names/personas, Shiki.

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  1. “Why, why not?” I believe it is haiku. My husband was a fine artist and an accomplished musician. He studied with some pretty famous people and wrote music for some pretty famous people. He always told me that there comes a time after you study all the rules, you understand when it is important to break the rules. It’s a mark of a mature artist as well as a mature musician…and I’d say it’s the mark of a mature haiku poet. There are times when the haiku is greater than the percieved rules.

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