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Montage #12


Montage #12, presented by Allan Burns, is now up here on The Haiku Foundation website. This week’s theme is “Life & Death” and features the haiku of Nick Virgilio, George Swede and Chad Lee Robinson.

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  1. One obvious point I’d like to highlight about this gallery, which I didn’t have room to in the headnote, is the way these poets–following the haiku way–extend an empathetic memorializing impulse beyond anthropogenic boundaries to embrace, e.g., kittens, beetles, fish, buffalo, usw–in other words, the whole tapestry of life on our planet. The selection, then, speaks to the Buddhist legacy of mettā (“universal love”), which embraces all living things. So even though the gallery may be occasioned by Memorial Day, its theme of “Life & Death” extends well beyond not merely casualties of war but human beings. It’s probably needless to add that the haiku addressing human losses are extremely poignant.

    Thanks for posting this reminder, Scott.

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