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Montage #11


I am a few days late on this but there is a new installment of Montage up here on The Haiku Foundation website. It is #11, and the entire series is archived. Montage is a series presented by Allan Burns exclusively for The Haiku Foundation website that features the work of three poets based on a single theme. The series can always be found on the top of the The Haiku Foundation website under “Haiku.”
The newest installment (for the week of May 17th, 2009) breaks the three poet rule slightly, concentrating exclusively on seven haiku by Matsuo Kinsaku (Bashō) [? 1644 – November 28, 1694] and is entitled Bashō’s Journey. The series retains the three column presentation scheme, however, by offering translations of the same seven haiku by three different poets: Cid Corman, Robert Hass, and Sam Hamill.
A new Montage appears every Sunday.

The start of poetry: a rice-planting song in the Interior

-translated by Hiroaki Sato

(Bashō’s Narrow Road, Stone Bridge Press, 1996)

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