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Meet the New Australian Haiku Society

Vanessa Proctor, president of the Australian Haiku Society, sent us the following note this past Monday evening:

Today, on the day of the Winter Solstice (for the Southern Hemisphere), the Australian Haiku Society is proud to launch our new website. We would like to encourage poets to visit and follow our new site.

I’ve pasted a last message posted on the old website as follows:

Members of the Australian Haiku Society – and all others interested in haiku in this country – are hereby advised that the AHS will be operating a new website, effective as of this date (Tuesday, 21 June, 2016). This new site can be accessed through this link. Members of the AHS are likewise advised that notifications – as previously sent out by email on the first day of each month, listing postings made on the HaikuOz website during the previous month – will not continue with the advent of this new website. Instead, anyone wishing to be advised of postings on the new Australian Haiku Society website is most welcome to become a follower – see “Follow Blog via Email”, at the top-right, on the main page of the new site.

As a follower, you will receive updates whenever they are posted. In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to visit this new AHS website at any time.

Rodney Williams
Australian Haiku Society

Many thanks,

President, Australian Haiku Society

Please show your support of The Australian Haiku Society’s new initiative by checking out their new site, and participating in their offerings. The Haiku Foundation wishes it well.

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