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Michael Henry Lee

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Haiku of the Day for May 2023 features Guest Editor Michael Henry Lee’s collection on the theme of  the Afterlife. This is what Michael  has to say by way of introduction to this theme:

The poetic theme for the Haiku Foundation May 2023
Haiku Of The Day revolves around “the afterlife” and the
many faceted beliefs associated with a phenomenon we all
must certainly experience in some form or another. As the
late Jim Morrison said “No one here gets out alive.” It is
my hope that this collection of poems represents a broad
range of beliefs, traditions and, in some instances, a stark
absence of any beliefs at all.

—Michael Henry Lee

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  1. Looking forward to them, Michael.

    the search
    for a euphemism
    Cattails April 2022

  2. I’ll enjoy reading examples!


    my inevitable death mayflies

    ‘In memoriam’ Terry Pratchett OBE (28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015)
    Novelist, Discworld fantasy book series

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Bones – journal for contemporary haiku no. 6 (March 2015)

    Terry Pratchett had some great quotes in his books! 🙂

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