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Marianne J. Dupré

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Haiku of the Day for September 2023 features Guest Editor Marianne Dupre’s collection on the theme of  the Fall. This is what Marianne has to say by way of introduction to this theme:

It’s been a pleasure connecting with haiku poets on this September Haiku of the Day collection. I chose Fall as the theme for all the sensory experiences the season offers, which intricately interconnect with memorable moments. I hope you enjoy these haiku. 

—Marianne J. Dupré

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  1. Feels great to read works by stalwarts in this direction. Will surely log in to read more. Haiku has such a healing effect on the soul.

  2. Look forward to the autumnal themed haiku!

    a spiderweb’s leaf
    turning different colours
    with the flies

    Alan Summers
    Publication credit:
    Haiku in Action, Nick Virgilio Haiku Association (October 2022)
    “On a walk through the park after leaving the train station, one early morning spiderweb caught my eye with a rusty looking leaf. The insect ensnared population also turned in the breeze reflecting different shades of desiccation.”

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