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Make Sure You Get Your Per Diem

There are other places you can find a haiku a day, but none of those places will be quite like this. The Haiku Foundation announces Per Diem, a collection of haiku edited by Paul Pfleuger Jr. and Jack Galmitz. Every day a new haiku will be posted on our home page that will please and challenge your conceptions of what haiku are.

In their goal statement for Per Diem, Pfleuger and Galmitz say:

“Every effort has been made to present an array of haiku, so that the entire spectrum of the genre is represented. Our presentations will not be limited to English-language originals, but will include haiku in translation, so the broadest possible representation of the field is offered.” They go on to say “Per Diem will include poems from the past and present, from different ethnic groups, from men and women, from the established and from the unknown, with high quality being the only standard we use for inclusion.”

Per Diem will offer each day a haiku/senryu that we trust will engage you, say in the way a dream remembered leaves an impression upon awakening or sometimes for the entire day, or, the way a thought or word hides beyond the borders of consciousness and for all your efforts resists memory, or, simply the way a scent, a sight, a room removes you to another time and place.

We welcome your submissions of other poets’ published haiku/senryu for future use. Please contact the edtitors directly: Paul Pfleuger at thf_DOT_paul_AT_gmail_DOT_com and Jack Galmitz at jgalmitz_AT_yahoo_DOT_com.

We hope that you’ll use our forum to share your comments on the Per Diem poems. Let us know what you think.

Jim Kacian

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  1. Chrissi, welcome to the haiku community! I hope you have also found the forum here and will feel free to join in on some of the discussions, many of which have been created to make newcomers to haiku feel as though they’ve come home.


  2. I’m so glad i stumbled on your website. I will be looking forward to your daily haiku. I want to learn more. I’ve only published one haiku and I want to write some more. Thanks!

  3. That haiku today is marvelous!

    A wolf;
    one firefly clinging to it

    by Kanko Tohta

    It’s a bit like I feel clinging to this winter! Trying to keep the little light burning! This old winter probably doesn’t know anything of me any more than that wold might even be aware of the firefly. Each of its own nature and yet still the clinging …

  4. Hi, Jack, I’ve been up to my neck on a project lately and haven’t been done till the wee hours of the morning. But I have to tell you, just before closing up around here each night I click on the Home page to see the daily haiku…. Love the one tonight… we just has some spring mud make its way through the ice (although it will be ice by morning.) But Jim’s haiku also cuts into a psychological resonance of something firm in the mud. In any big project we tackle…trying to find that firm in the mud is critical.

  5. Glad you like the site Merrill. If you haven’t noticed, you are welcome to submit favorite haiku to the above noted addresses for consideration.

  6. George Swede’s haiku today… the anger at work…juxtaposed
    against his son’s birthday balloons brings to mind a chilling memory of my son, the carnival and a yellow balloon… and the lightning fast powerful emotions that can cut to the quick. This is becoming a favorite watering hole for me…thanks for PerDiem.

  7. Hi, Guys, Now I see…I just posted it on my FB Wall…to guide everyone to turn to the home page! What a surprise to find my own haiku there today… so glad I didn’t miss it. But looking forward to all the other haiku too each day.
    Many thanks for all the work you guys do to put this whole thing together.

  8. Merrill and Dawn, thanks for your interest in the Per Diem feature. Currently, Per Diem poems are displayed on our home page only. You can’t sign up to have a Per Diem poem show up in your email box, for example.

    We wanted to give visitors to our site a new haiku every day. However, we have a small volunteer staff and many other projects, so we did not want to rely on someone manually posting a new haiku each day.

    So, for now, our Per Diem feature automatically displays one haiku a day on the home page only. Perhaps we could add other features as time and other projects allow.

    Please let us know what you think.

  9. Sign me up if I have to sign up in addition to getting THF feed. I’ve just cancelled something that should give me more time for this. Looking forward to it.

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