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Looking for Montage?

Montage, the haiku gallery edited by Allan Burns, is one of the most popular features on our site. However, Winter (II) was the final gallery in the Montage series, so we moved Montage from the main menu to our new Publications section. To access Montage go here.

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  1. Just added this . . . To display all posts and comments about each weekly issue of Montage, go to the right sidebar, under the Posts by Category section and click the new News > Montage category.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Merrill. We should be able to to post a link to the blog posts for each Montage within a wekk.

  3. Thanks, and perhaps it might be a good idea to post the link to the comments for each Montage. It was the dialogue between the poetry and the poets that held a great deal of the information.
    Thanks, Merrill

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