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Librarian’s Cache: Roadrunner – Journal of the Month, June 2021

Roadrunner was published from December 2004 through May 2013. It published a diverse and innovative range of English-language haiku as well as senryu, zappai and short poetry inspired by haiku. Some haiku from Roadrunner’s last issue include: Roadrunner

past drunk
the assonance
of lost chances

barren subjunctive buys her a pony

deep amid
the falling snow
a truer word for it

a bird cries a stutter crosses across the x-ray sky

Be sure to check out all 32 issues of Roadrunner in the Digital Library.

Thanks for reading,
Dan Campbell

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  1. Roadrunner and its companion feature “MASKS” and the Scorpion Prize having a ‘mainstream’ or non-haikai poet judge the haiku, and with commentary, was a brilliant combination.

    A greatly missed publication but a helluva fine resource!

    I hope those both new and not so new to haiku visit or revisit those 32 issues.

    An awesome achievement.

    warm regards,
    Alan Summers
    Founder, Call of the Page
    Founder, MahMight haiku journal

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