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Librarian’s Cache: Hainka: A Fusion of Haiku and Tanka



In this post, I would like to reacquaint readers with the existence of a large collection of articles on haiku subjects in The Haiku Foundation Digital Library. We have over 400 items of this type. Anyone wishing to see them should search with the term ‘article’ to see a listing. Here is a link to the latest addition to the collection, an article by Pravat Kumar Padhy on a form he invented, hainka, a fusion of a haiku and a tanka, both of which share a single image or line. It is a new challenge for those experimenters who relish the challenge of new poetic forms:


Thanks for reading.

Garry Eaton



eaton200x200Garry Eaton is the Digital Librarian for The Haiku Foundation. On the first Wednesday of each month he will highlight some part of the Foundation’s holdings.

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    1. Thank you, Kala, for your kind appreciation. Chrissi Villa showed a lot of interest about ‘hainka’. Shernaz Wadia, Co-inventor of ‘Tapestry Poetry’, had sent me a beautiful hainka. Indeed I became amazed to read it. Hidenori Hiruta has asked me to send some of the hainka for publishing in AIHN with translation in Japanese.


  1. Thank you, Laurie, for liking ‘hainka’. I shall be pleased to read your creative pursuits. I am planning to submit a brief about it to Chrissi, editor , Ribbons. She is kind enough to show much interest about the new form.

  2. I remain indebted to Jim Kacian and Hidenori Hiruta for their inspirations. Many thanks to Garry for kindly archiving my essay about the innovative form of poetry in the Digital Library of The Haiku Foundation. I also thank Prof. R K Singh for his encouraging words about the concept.

    I have experimented with the new genre “Hainka’, a poetic fusion of haiku and tanka, with the image linking of the ‘fragment of the haiku as the ‘pivot line’ of the following tanka. In fact, I dreamt about this innovative idea way back in 2016!

    I sincerely hope my poet-friends and the well wishers will like this concept and pen hainka and its poetic spell. I express my gratitude to all for your valuable comments.

    Pravat Kumar Padhy

  3. Thank you Garry for highlighting this new form, I look forward to learning more and sharing some of my attempts.

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