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Lakshmi Iyer

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Haiku of the Day for August 2023 features Guest Editor Lakshmi Iyer’s collection on the theme of  the Amrit Kaal – the Golden Era. This is what Lakshmi  has to say by way of introduction to this theme:

Welcome to India for a celebration of Amrit Kaal – the Golden Era (between
75 and 100 years of Independence).
Amidst rising glory, the contributions of Indian haiku poets in the past, like
Rabindranath Tagore, Subramania Bharathi, Prof. Satya Bhushan Verma,
and more recently, Dr. Angelee Deodhar and Johannes Manjrekar, has
been phenomenal.
This month, let us explore and experience the taste of seasons and colours
present in Indian households, as each of the thirty-one poems unfold family
bondings, culture, traditions, emotions and more, through scents, sounds
and sights.
A big thank you to The Haiku Foundation for this wonderful opportunity and
to all the poet friends who have generously shared their soulful poems for
Per Diem on THF.

—Lakshmi Iyer

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  1. Lovely theme, Lakshmi! I look forward to rediscovering India during these thirty one days. Prayers for peace all over the world.

    1. Thank you so much Amoolya!! It was a learning experience to share and spread Indian haiku all over the world.

  2. Wonderful, Lakshmi. It has been a memorable gift to the poets of the world and celebrate ‘Amrit Kaal’ (The Golden Era) with message of peace and friendship.


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