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Thank you once again for taking the time to read and enjoy our latest iteration of Juxtapositions, Issue 5.1 (ISSN 2378-6566). I think we have put together a wonderful issue that lays the foundation for a growing interest in haiku research and scholarship.

It is with mixed emotions that I share this will be my last issue as senior editor of Juxta. While I will remain an editor on issues still to come, it’s time for me to pass the baton. Next up as senior editor is scholar and excellent haijin Ce Resnow, doubtless a familiar presence to most of you in the haiku world. She will carry on our tradition of bringing the best in haiku scholarship to Juxta 6.

Through four issues, and now with this our fifth, Juxta has served, we hope, as a beacon for those who wish to elevate this wonderful form of poetry into serious realms of academic and interdisciplinary research. With issue five, we bring you further work being explored on haiku and perception, as well as a special section on ‘Women in Haiku’ wherein female poets explore what it has meant to them over the years to be a female haiku poet and essayist. Women in haiku have been guiding beacons in our poetry for decades now.

I want to thank sincerely all those on our editorial board, and The Haiku Foundation, for making Juxtapositions a success. It’s been hard work yet through it all we’ve persevered. With gratitude, and a nod to our publisher Jim Kacian, please enjoy Juxtapositions 5.

Warm regards,

Peter McDonald
Senior Editor

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