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We are proud to partner with The Haiku Foundation in presenting Juxtapositions 4.1 (ISSN 2378-6566) in this, our fourth year of providing a scholarly outlet for haiku research. We work hard to find articles of the quality that meet academic standards of scholarship, and break new ground in interesting explorations and research. We hope this issue of Juxta both adds to the corpus of haiku scholarship, and is an enjoyable read as well.
Fittingly, we pay homage to Marlene Mountain (1939 – 2018), who died this year at the age of 79, by featuring her haiga, honoring a groundbreaking poet who for more than fifty years pushed the boundaries of creative haiku. She will be sorely missed.
So welcome to Juxta 4.1. From an in depth examination of syllabic counting in haiku by librarian Clayton Beach to the expressive voice of ‘magic’ in the haiku of Sonia Sanchez to an examination of poet and transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson as his work pertains to Zen and modern haiku, Juxta 4.1 continues our tradition of publishing the finest in scholarly work on haiku research. We hope you enjoy it!


Warm regards,

Peter McDonald
Senior Editor

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