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Welcome to Juxtapositions 3.1 (ISSN 2378-6566). This year we branch out to explore new types of haiku research. In “Haiku and the Brain,” we find a study pursued by poets and neuro-/cognitive scientists on how haiku can serve as a medium for studying the cognitive reception of poetic texts. Another article, “A Careful Poetics,” explores the connection between haiku and its use as a therapeutic tool in care studies. Yet another explores the acoustic ecology of haiku related to water apropos of Bashō’s famous frog and pond haiku. And much more.

We continue to publish, and seek, the best of haiku scholarship in all its wide variety of fields. As always we encourage readers to consider submitting their own research to the journal. On behalf of the editorial board, and our publisher, The Haiku Foundation, we extend a warm thank you to all our readers who continue to follow our growth as the preeminent journal on haiku scholarship and research. We hope you enjoy this new edition of Juxtapositions!


Warm regards,

Peter McDonald
Senior Editor

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