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JUXTA Has Landed!

The Haiku Foundation is pleased to release its inaugural issue of Juxtapositions, an online journal dedicated to haiku research and scholarship. From its inception, one of the goals of the Foundation has been to initiate and further dialogue between haiku practitioners and academia. Juxtapositions is intended to do exactly that. 2015 juxta header 300x150reduced JUXTA 1.1 combines new research — articles on a Lacanian approach to haiku, a consideration of the late Nobel prize-winner Tomas Tranströmer’s Prison haiku, and a substantive review of the achievements of James W. Hackett — with scholarship from the past worthy of another look — a reconsideration of the validity of the notion of the “haiku moment,” an enquiry into Bashō’s ultimate poetic aesthetic, and a comprehensive consideration of haiku form in English, past, present and future. There is a provocative interview with Itō Yūki, who discusses the fallout from the Haiku Persecution Incident in World War II Japan. We review two recent books on the haiku of Richard Wright, and assess the legacy of William J. Higginson. We provide what we feel will be an indispensable bibliographical resource for scholars and poets alike. And we offer a peek into the state of contemporary haiga, with 8 beautiful examples and commentary. 2015 juxta header 300x150reduced Broaden your haiku perspective — have a look at the best of contemporary haiku scholarship. Perhaps next issue we’ll be featuring an article by you! P.S. Rather not read online? You can download JUXTA 1.1 as a pdf as well. Download PDF

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  1. Congratulations! I’m certainly interested in reading the articles. I wondered though, if you would put the date each article was written, and a reference if there is a prior publication.

  2. It’s a lot for me to digest.
    A great way to start my morning.
    Thank you

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