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June Per Diem: “Sound Bites”

The Per Diem: Daily Haiku poems for the month of June are now tightly
packed in the haiku box, ready to pop up each and every single day of the

In her collection “Sound Bites”, this month’s editor, Carolyne Rohrig,
“has culled 30 poems from around the world that speak of the pressure of
deadlines, haiku moments vanishing before your eyes, writer’s block,
editing other people’s work, the frustrations of finding the right word or
phrase, distractions, resistance, the dreaded blank piece of paper, bad
haiku, spurts of inspiration, writing on anything at hand to capture a
moment – all these and other experiences that make up the haiku writing
process common to each one of us.”

Harvest the June Per Diem: Daily Haiku fresh by viewing the Per Diem panel at lower right on our home page.

Stella Pierides
Per Diem Project Manager

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  1. Like Edgar before me, I cannot seem to access the June Per Diem “Sound Bites,” either.
    Direction? Thank you!

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