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John Shiffer — Touchstone Award for Individual Poems Winner 2017

John Shiffer is a recipient of a Touchstone Award for Individual Poems for 2017 for his poem

its gentle push
on the curtains . . .
summer night

It first appeared in Acorn 38.

Commentary from the Panel:

“A quiet haiku, yet superb in its simplicity. Effectively evokes the balm of a mild summer evening, and how our body’s tempo slows to receive that balm.”

“Often the most resonate haiku are those that are very simple but reveal so much more as we allow them the space to breathe and become alive in imagery and suggestion. We are left with a deep sense of peace and a feeling that everything is all right and beautifully contained in this moment.”

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  1. Inspiring words. This poem proves that only a few words are needed to convey powerful emotion if one pauses long enough to read them. Beautiful!

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