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John McManus — Touchstone Award Winner

John McManus’s poem

unplanned pregnancy
the hum of a beehive
beneath the porch

was a winner of a Touchstone Individual Poem Award for the best haiku published 2015. It first appeared in acorn 35.

See the complete list of winners of both Individual Poem Awards and Distinguished Books Awards in the Touchstone Archives.

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  1. Wow – well done, John ?

    Yes, an unexpected addition to the family can mean extra work. The humming suggests that although this pregnancy is unplanned, it is a welcome surprise.

  2. I like the way the sounds in the poem reinforce the images selected, particularly the repeated ‘b’ sounds in ‘beehive beneath.’ John wisely avoided using ‘under.’
    The juxtaposition has humour and is dramatically apt in hinting at the buzz of gossip and the potential for anger and conflict in this commonplace occurrence.
    Well done John.

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