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Jim Kacian: An Interview

THF founder and director Jim Kacian was recently interviewed by host Merry Gangemi on her program “Women Stirred Radio” for WGDR, based at Goddard College in Vermont, in honor of the release of his book (with co-editors Allan Burns and Philip Rowland and introducer Billy Collins) Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years. You can find it here. (Due to equipment malfunctions the beginning of the interview was truncated.)

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  1. It’s such an amazing opportunity for a radio station to give over so much time to a guest. Plus Merry Gangemi is such an engaged and engaging interviewer, with deft light touches that only a few presenters and interviewers have.

    It’s obvious that she knows her poetry in general, and the arts and other subject matter. They are very lucky to have her as a presenter. The interview, though it was a shame some of the early part was lost, is a useful vehicle to show that haiku is much more than a poetry verse limited by only by the one or two presumed characteristics of a count of syllables and nature images.

    warm regards,


  2. Yes, an excellent interview. Gangemi was prepared and interested. It was good, too, to hear your voice for the first time, Jim.

    – Lorin

  3. What a terrific interview – thanks for sharing it, Jim. Her interesting questions and astute observations were refreshingly outside the box compared to those we often hear in such interviews. How fortunate any writer (or editor) would be to have their work so fully engage Ms. Gangemi in this way. P.S. Your responses weren’t half bad either. 🙂

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