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It’s Time to Nominate Poems for the 2022 Touchstone Award

The year is hurrying by, and as we approach the year’s end, we are ready to accept your nominations for the 2022 Touchstone Award for Individual Poems. It is time to start reflecting on your favorite English-language haiku published in 2022.

The Touchstone is an award, not a contest. It is our goal to recognize the best haiku published each calendar year. We wish to present to our panelists as broad and top-flight a selection of poems as possible.

As in past years, we have asked journal editors to nominate the best of what they have published this year. 

We also invite individuals—you—to participate using this FORM (submissions may be made by this form only – please do not post in the comments). Please send us two (2) of your favorites, only one (1) of which can be your own work (or you can send two [2] that belong to other poets). Nominated haiku must have been published in a paper, online journal, or recognized in a haiku contest in 2022. Haiku that are self-published or appear on personal blogs are ineligible. 

Please submit your nominations no later than year’s end. Please also supply complete citations: journal name, volume, and number, or complete contest information (no acronyms, please).

Previous award recipients are displayed in the Touchstone Archive.

You can find more information on eligibility and how to submit nominations on the Touchstone Award for Individual Poems home page. 


Please familiarize yourselves with the panelists as any poems nominated for these folks are ineligible and are removed from the list.

All duplicate nominations are culled, so having a poem of your own nominated more than once serves no purpose.

Please refrain from sending in multiple nomination forms. All nominations are tracked by our database. Any nominations beyond those permitted will be deleted and only the first will be counted.


We look forward to seeing your nominations soon!


Robin Anna Smith

Coordinator, Touchstone Award for Individual Poems

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  1. Hi Robin,
    thank you for your reply. Maybe I’ll send the one that was awarded in Romania in English.
    All the best.

  2. Can I send the first prize-winning haiku in the Croatian language in the “Lanterna magazin” and translate it into English?

    1. Hi Katica,

      As the Touchstone Awards are for English-Language Haiku, eligible poems may be poems that were simultaneously published in another language AND English, but those first published in another language and then later translated are not, as we do not have the translator resources that would be required for us to have the awards open across all languages.

      Thank you,

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