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Introducing the Haiku Music Challenge

Welcome to the Haiku Music Challenge! The Haiku Music Challenge is a feature created by Naviar Records and implemented by composers from around the world. Each week Naviar posts a new haiku on their website and invite musicians to make music inspired by it: the motivations behind this project are to provide a regular source of inspiration for musicians, to introduce haiku poetry to a new audience, and to encourage collaboration and interaction between these two creative fields. And now they are sharing their results with the haiku community, and inviting your participation.

Last week’s haiku selection was written by Bruce Ross:

the reef’s silence . . .
sea fans brighten, darken
with the current

During the ensuing seven days, fourteen compositions were made in response to Bruce’s poem. Here we feature three of our favorites.

Track: the reef’s silence
Artist: Night Note
Genre: ambient, soundtrack
A peaceful and calming composition which combines sounds of water with carefully crafted ambient textures, by Czech artist Night Note.

Track: Neptune’s Daughter
Artist: Bassling
Genre: acoustic, songwriting
Taking a more minimalist approach, Australian artist Bassling used the image offered by the haiku to create a new underwater story.

Track: The Reef’s Silence
Artist: GLSmyth
Genre: modern classical
An evocative classical composition, written in just seven days by American composer GLSmyth. Scored for piccolo, flute, horn, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone and cello.

Next week’s challenge haiku:

summer nightfall
the sky slowly regains
its colours
— Vessislava Savova

You can participate in the Haiku Music Challenge, or learn more, at Naviar Records.

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  1. This music challenge and Vessislava’s haiku inspired me to try and create music for the first time, using GarageBand. I loved being creative in this way. Thanks for the inspiration.

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