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International Haiku Poetry Day 2020 a Success




Haiku lovers around the world celebrated International Haiku Poetry Day 2020 in a somewhat different style than in years past, but with no less enthusiasm and eclat.

The HaikuLife Haiku Film Festival 2020 screened 21 videos. They are available permanently in our video archives, and will be featured individually on the blog in the coming days.

The EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration produced another outstanding showing, with poets from around the world contributing to the world’s largest collaborative poem. This year’s theme, in the United Nation’s Year of the Nurse, featured a seed poem by American scholar and poet William J. Higginson. A complete version will be made available shortly and announced on the blog.

And while local meetings were less in evidence, for obvious reason, than in past years, a number of virtual meetings were held. We hope to offer reports from as many as possible in the next few days.

As is our custom, the winners of the Touchstone Awards (for 2019, in this instance) were announced. Each recipient will be honored with an individual blog post in the next few days, featuring their winning effort — poem or book — and commentary by their respective committees.

We hope you spent time with haiku on International Haiku Poetry Day, and if you did, we know it treated you well.

Be a part of it — celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day, April 17.

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  1. Hi every one

    I totally forgot

    How could I – why?
    b/c for me on April 17th of 2020 I was living an extended haiku carpe diem – I was outdoors most of the day
    like sunflower following the sun all day – it was Saturday after midnight when I reclined to sleep

    Thank God it’s a haiku Friday

    Yet I am also saddened(like in the 70s when I realized I had forfeited a chance to experience The Eagles’ Hotel California tour backstage) to have missed the theme. My niece is a nurse. I am a caregiver & deliverer of pharmaceuticals needs since 1998. My mother was a caregiver in the years before her retirement – although of course, she never stopped caring


    Michael (MV)

  2. Between April 16th and April 17th we had four workshops three haiku and one haibun, all success! 🙂
    Plus a great result regarding our Outreach program too!
    Happy Haiku Day(s)! 🙂

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