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If you're looking to keep track of your blog hits…

If you’re looking to keep track of your  blog hits, that is the topic of the latest .Haiku column. I am going to get more and more poets on the web if it will be the death of me! I don’t know why more — especially haiku poets — don’t take advantage of the web. This month’s column takes a look at website analytics.

Let me know if you’ve had an experience like mine?



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  1. I agree with all of what Michael has said. And I also agree with Gabi. I have tried Gabi’s approach when I’ve made sites that only feature poetry. In that case esthetics are extremely important. But my blog also has interviews and columns on it. Keeping a site focused that has all of these things gets difficult. That is where Michael’s answer really comes into play! That is when analytics are most needed. And also, to know if the work is getting out there!

  2. December is usually down for web hits for my websites, too, but I actually find summer to be the slowest period. I’ve also seen that Saturday is routinely the slowest day of the week for web hits, at least for me. Things have cycles, and that’s perfectly fine. Would love to see more haiku poets doing blogs and websites, though. There are many good free services to help you create your own site, such as Google Sites, Weebly, Wix, and many more. There are many free analytics tools, too — I like Google Analytics best.

    Gabi, I agree that there’s no need to have a publicly viewable web counter for haiku websites, but I would say that private analytics are extremely useful, so you can gauge the effectiveness of announcements/publicity and new content, and so you can see what’s working well. Besides, why spend so much time on a website if very few people are visiting? You do need analytics to know how a site is doing, and to learn how to improve it, including tailoring it to be better for your audience. A clear organizational structure and hierarchy is vital, too, so that content is discoverable and logical.

  3. aaa, I have disabled all of the counters I can on my blog.
    also, no “LIKE”, if I can avoid it.

    I just hope people will read and enjoy – and some even say “thank you”!
    All the best for 2014 from Japan.

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