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Hope You Like Our New Design

Welcome to the spiffed-up web site of The Haiku Foundation!

Our main goal for the new design was make it easier for you to find our content–especially our haiku collections and discussion areas. We reorganized the main menu and added a site index in the footer on every page. We added a slider on the home page to call attention to special features, such as the THF Haiku app for Apple devices. Click the > symbol in the slider to display the next feature.

Behind the scenes, we upgraded to the latest version of WordPress software, and we replaced our original site templates with the Thesis framework. These technical changes should make our site more stable and secure for the future. And they will enable us to take advantage of new features such as the quotation widget in the Quick Takes section in the right side bar that you’ll see on many pages of the site.

Our new design is the product of many hands. The Board of Directors drafted the new design in response to suggestions and comments from you, our readers. We hired Chris Guth ( to implement the design in Thesis and WordPress. We hired Rich Agnew (–who created the database software behind the Haiku Registry, the Contest Archive, and the Per Diem feature–to make these applications work with the new design. And yours truly coordinated the various contributors.

Of course, the new design wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have content and experiences to offer you.

Hats off to our Forum moderators: Alan Summers; Laura Sherman; Don Baird; Gael Bage; John McManus; Jim Kacian; David Lanoue; Peter Yovu; and Billie Wilson. We think our forum is one of the best places for haiku-related discussions on the web.

Thanks to Billie for managing the Haiku Registry and our Event Calendars; to Paul Miller for managing the Contest Archive; to Laura for coordinating our HaikuNow! contests; and to Mark Harris for managing the Touchstone Awards.

None of this would be possible without your contributions of time, money, and attention. I hope that we can find more ways to keep you engaged with The Haiku Foundation.

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  1. Fantastic design! Thanks for all the hard work. Seems like a really good idea to update the website alongside the release of the iPhone app too – a great effort to interface with contemporary culture.

  2. Just lovely…and I think it will be quite a bit easier for people to get acquainted with the incredible depth you’ve built into this site. You certain deserve some medals for all the hard work.

  3. Very nice, which is high praise from a borderline neo-Luddite. Of course, you’ve ruined my day. All that work that needs to get done…. It still needs to get done.

  4. Thanks, Alan! I cannot tell a lie: I had lots of help, as I mentioned. I was a project coordinator, not a coder this time around.

  5. Love the new design, it’s great to have a new look now and again. I’ll have fun finding my way around again.

    I can feel that there was an incredible amount of work done, and in one heck of a short time. I don’t know how you do it. 😉


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